Creating Website Content For SEO

Creating Website Content For SEO – Quick tips

On-page optimization is a major aspect of SEO. Once the search engine spiders crawl your website and index the pages they will determine the keywords that that your pages should be listed for. As such, your textual content is vital.

Conducting keyword research should throw up some good keywords. For the majority of sites, the best approach is to start with less competitive keywords and progress to the higher-traffic, but more competitive keywords, in time.

Keyword density is not as rigid as it once was. In fact, Google and other major search engines prefer to see more organic content. Pages that include keyword stemming and keyword variants tend to perform better than the more traditional approach of keyword crammed pages.

One final note, an SEO campaign should treat every page as being independent. Each page needs its own keywords and should be promoted separately.

Creating Website Content For SEO

SEO Factors – Quick tips

In its most simplistic form there are essentially two sections to an SEO campaign – on-page and off-page optimization.

  • On-page optimization helps to ensure that the search engine spiders can effectively (crawl) navigate around your site, index each page, and determine the relevant keywords for each.
  • Off-page optimization improves how well your pages perform when searches are conducted for your keywords.

An effective SEO campaign will concentrate on both on-page and off-page optimization and should be an ongoing program. Even in a niche market, your pages will be competing with numerous other sites to gain that coveted top spot – as soon as you let up the pressure, there is a very real chance that another page is waiting in the wings to overtake you.